Packing Options

Removal man carefully packing china and glasses

Owner Packed

You may wish to pack your own belongings and we are perfectly happy with this. Please use the correct grade of removal cartons and materials though as using inferior moving boxes can cause damage and delay. We sell removal boxes and removal packaging at very competitive prices especially considering the quality. (These cartons can be reused). Please note:  Owner packed cartons can not be insured in the same way as professionally packed items. Please ask for advice.

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Part Packing

One option is to have us just pack your fragile or selected items and you pack all of the other things. This gives you our professionalism where its most need in packing china, packing glassware and packing pictures etc. We charge our hourly rate plus the cost of the cartons used. Packing paper, bubblewrap and carton fillers are included.

Full Packing Service

This is just as it sounds. You just point us in the direction of what needs packing and we get on with it. Our crews are highly trained and carry all of the correct materials to ensure your items get safely packed into the correct style moving boxes. You can have our crew work by the hour and pay for just the cartons or you may wish to get a fixed quotation for this service before we commence working for you. Please ask for advice from your local Simply Movers office.

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